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Did you know that it is important to fertilize your lawn 4 times per year and that there are different fertilizers for each season? Here you will find some great information about how to fertilize your soil properly. The most common mistake when fertilizing is not water frequently enough. Be sure to water very heavily right after applying fertilizer and then every morning and evening for about two weeks.

Spring and Summer Lawn Fertilizer: 30-4-8
This premium slow release fertilizer lasts up to 90 days while providing great colours without overly rapid growth.

Fall and Winter Lawn Fertilizer 28-3-8
Keeps your lawn thick and healthy and green well into November while providing great nutrition to improve winter hardiness, suppression of disease and spring green up.

Planting or Seeding Fertilizer  10-30-10
If you are planning on rebuilding your lawn or laying sod we recommend you add a planting or seeing fertilizer. It not only helps suppress disease but the high phosphorous levels help develop deep roots and thick strong grass.

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